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We are humbled by the sweet words from our clients

"A composer cannot work without a conductor and an orchestra, thanks for realising every detail of my crazy rundown!"



"When we were calm, you were calm. When we were not calm, you were still calm."



"We really cannot thank Bonnie and her team enough for making our wedding day as smooth as it was!

Simply said, we could not have done it without Bonnie. She took what in reality were fragments of ideas and half finished preparations and turned everything into a coherent, beautiful program, all while keeping a smile on her face and never losing her sunny, cheerful persona. She made sure everything was on track and on schedule, and dealt with whatever that came up with a can-do attitude and a smile.

We would love to hire Bonnie again for any of our future personal and professional event planning needs. We recommend her with the highest regard, and wish her all the best in her future success!"

Lisa and Dan


"With the both of us working demanding hours, it was a no-brainer that we needed help to plan our wedding, and we are so grateful that Bonnie was there to help. Bonnie is tasteful, honest, humble, very very organised, always appropriate and most importantly, she looked after our pockets!

The best thing about her is her attention to details, she would catch the smallest typos, remember people's preferences and know her audience. Some may think these small things are not important, but it is everything that makes her a professional."



"Bonnie and team, thank you. Our day was absolutely perfect and exceeded every expectation that we had. You captured our thoughts and visions and turned them into a reality. Thank you for being so flexible with all our changes. You were so responsive, enthusiastic and positive throughout the entire planning experience - we could not have asked for a better planner.

Thank you for all the hard work, time and effort spent into making sure we were taken care of. You made the entire process so easy and stress free. We totally love your "will take care of it, no problem at all" attitude! We felt so safe knowing that you would be there to take care of us. You gave us the peace of mind to go about our daily lives and you made everything so easy.

You have the best ideas and we are so glad that we had you on our team. You came up with stuff that worked for us because you took the time to know and understand us. We love that about you. Your professionalism and efficiency constantly amazed us. Your keeping track of every little detail, gentle reminders, accessibility and organization allowed us to enjoy the entire wedding planning process. We showed up on the day with no worries and were pleasantly surprised by how beautifully everything came together. Thank you for putting together such an amazing team of vendors (and all within our budget!). We are grateful.

Thank you for giving us an amazing day to remember."

- Rachel 


"Bonnie and her team of Events Artisan is by far the best decision (and investment) we made. She planned and coordinated our Hong Kong wedding celebration and did a fantastic job. In no particular order, these are the things that Bonnie and her team did that wow-ed us:

1. She made our dream celebration come true - all within our budget! She found the right vendors and gave us the right direction on how to spend our budget properly and still achieve what we wanted!

2. She is REALLY CREATIVE. She comes up with the most amazing ideas. She's not there to give you the cookie-cutter experience. She really dives in, gets to know you and tries to find new ways to make your wedding especially meaningful to the both of you.

3. She is SUPER organized. We were constantly impressed with the amount of information she organized on our behalf, especially with our long rambling emails with information shot left and right, she managed to keep everything all together. You will be SO IMPRESSED.

4. She will always put you first. What I mean by this is that she takes care of you and she knows exactly what you want and need, and she thinks of it all. She always thought one step ahead.

5. You never have to worry about a thing. You are constantly in safe hands with Bonnie and her team.

Overall, working with Bonnie was the BEST decision ever. We could not have made it happen without her. We would highly recommend Events Artisan to anyone who wants to try something new and different. She's a breath of fresh air, and is an absolute DELIGHT to work with.

Thank you so much, Events Artisan! You made our day super special. We couldn't have asked for a better vendor to have by our side."

- John


"Bonnie was recommended to us by one of our friends, and was by far one of the best investments we made for our wedding! Bonnie is friendly, professional, accommodating and was helpful in every way during our wedding planning process.

With her creativity, insight and experience, she helped us execute exactly what we wanted, and gave us helpful suggestions on how to do things better or more efficiently. She was also incredibly organized - from helping us make appointments with vendors, keeping a detailed schedule of what needed to be done and of the wedding day itself, and communicated with us throughout the planning process.

Bonnie also went the extra mile for us on many occasions. I (the bride) experienced a major scheduling crisis a few days before the wedding, but when I told her what happened, Bonnie sprung into action and went out of her way to help, even when she had no prior involvement in it.

The day of the wedding was also incredibly smooth, and I was able to relax and enjoy the wedding day all thanks to Bonnie. Some of our guests also commented on how smooth everything went and how stress-free I looked the whole day.

Thank you Bonnie - we couldn't have done it without you!"



"I want to say I'm so glad we had you for our wedding. You really made it so much smoother!

I was too proud in the beginning to ask for any help, I want to do it all on my own. And I'm glad that I realised later on that the more of a perfectionist I am, the more I am afraid things can go wrong - And you came in! I was also worried no one planner can understand me fully, one who I can trust and rely on. So thanks for being that person!

You are smart, sensitive, and really fun to work with. You are gifted with an instinctive ability to understand people's wishes, not only ours, but to also consider what makes our family, friends and guests happy. We admire your skill in paying attention to fine details, and you do it so passionately, we could feel that you were as enthusiatic about our wedding as we were!"


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