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Our 'No Shark Fin Pledge'

With over twelve years of experience in wedding and event planning, Events Artisan recognises the importance to conserve the shark population, and pledges only to provide our service to shark-free events. 

Shark fin has no taste, nor any nutritional or medical value. As top predators, the role of sharks is to keep other marine life in healthy balance and to regulate the ocean. Around one-third of sharks are on the verge of extinction. 

For more shark facts as well as actions you can take to conserve the shark population, check out the Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF).

What you can do

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Pledge to a shark-free event

As featured on Post Magazine

"Hongkongers Bonnie Li and Hugo To share a love of scuba diving, their underwater adventures allowing them to swim with a variety of marine life, including reef sharks. So in May 2019, when the couple sat down with 50 guests for their wedding lunch at Tin Lung Heen restaurant, in The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, the popular wedding dish shark’s fin soup was off the menu." ... Read more

Learn about ocean protection 

As featured in Be a Wave Maker

An inspirational book that introduces bold ocean lovers and their positive initiatives to protect our oceans. ... Order yours now

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Promote shark conservation at your event

As featured on Hong Kong Shark Foundation

"Bonnie Li and Hugo celebrated their fabulous fin free wedding at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong in 2019. Not only were guests treated to a cruelty-free wedding banquet, but they were also given a serving of shark conservation “Shark Facts” education" ..Read more

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