Sha and Euge

Sha and Euge are a blogger and dentist duo and despite having known them for not so long they are fun to be around. Sha and her maid of honour Jess were very hands on with the planning and only needed someone for tips here and there, to put together a rundown plus on-the-day coordination / execution / supervision - whichever you prefer to call it!

Personally I loved every element of the wedding: from the minimalistic yet chic decor with greenery and decals, to the personal touches of a Flabjacks portraiture as well as succulents, and my favourite being the mark six favours for each guest - including one for baby Nadj! Catering was by 22 Ships and drinks by Ham & Sherry, where towards the end of the reception was a ritual conducted by Euge to slice the cochinillo with a plate, before smashing the plate on the floor. The sound was then accompanied by the flashes of cameras immortalising the moment.

There were many memorable moments from this celebration and if I had to choose just one, it has to be the motto of "family first" that you feel from Sha and Euge's families who took the time to fly from different parts of the world to make that evening more special for them.

From the big smiles on everyone's faces I guess I didn't do a bad job and can call it a wrap for the #ShugeDeal!

Coordination | Events Artisan

Decoration | The Spring is Here

Makeup & Hair | Gabbie Lee

Photobooth | Flashlab

Photography | Amanda Kho

Venue | The Space

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