Claire and Allan

Allan and I met on a summer morning, where he shared with me what he had planned for his wedding in under three months' time: the venue and nothing else. From experience this time frame would be sufficient to organise a wedding, but during summer most vendors were on holiday and it just wasn't the easiest to get hold of them. I was excited to take up this seemingly challenging role.

Since Claire and Allan were mostly out of town for business, our first meeting together took more than three hours, covering almost everything about the wedding: the rundown, budget, decoration, music, entertainment, favours and more. One thing that was at the top of their wishlist was a picturesque monogram. There are many great designers in Hong Kong, but with our time constraint we needed someone who is talented and efficient, and Kelly C Design came to my mind. Kelly of course didn't fail to over-deliver, and the couple were so happy to see a monogram of an interlinked heart created from their initials.

The evening programme unfolded effortlessly, complimented by live music from Grandeur of Music and elegant decoration in pastel shades from Divine Floréal. What's more, the guests had a blast at the lucky draw arranged by the loving father! This marked our first wedding at W Hong Kong, and we already couldn't wait for more to come..!

Planner | Events Artisan

Venue | W Hong Kong

Decoration | Divine Floréal

Monogram | Kelly C Design

Music | Grandeur of Music

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